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Handicap Accessibility Solutions by Jim Dewire & Sons
Handicap Accessibility

Handicap Accessible Construction Projects and Home Modifications In The Lehigh Valley

handicap logoIndependent Spaces

An accessible home design offers independence and comfort for adults and children with disabilities as they go about their daily activities. Many new products are being designed with accessibility requirements in mind. This has resulted in a growing selection of high-quality, attractive, useful and well thought-out products and designs that make everyday living with a disability much easier.

Jim Dewire and Sons offers the expertise and special abilities to build spaces that will provide independence for family members with special needs in the Lehigh Valley. From bathroom remodeling, kitchen redesigns, accessible ramps.

handicap logoAccessible Areas

Independence and privacy are important considerations in creating space for those with special needs. Over the years we have built bathroom areas that accommodate customers with special needs to improve function and mobility. With ever rising health care costs the ability for an aging parent or someone with a disability to stay in their home through accessible and universal design remodeling can save money (eliminate elder care, home selling and moving costs) and improve their ability to enjoy life.

handicap logoEasy Access Outside to Inside

Ramps offer those with special needs easy access to and from home. From intricate designs to budget-conscious utilitarian ramps, Dewire and Sons can custom build exactly the right application for your needs. Of course, our first concern and priority is always the safety of the user.

Handicap Ramp by Jim Dewire & Sons
Handicap Ramp
In-Law Bathroom by Jim Dewire & Sons
In-Law Bathroom
In-Law Bathroom by Jim Dewire & Sons
In-Law Bathroom 2
Exterior Lift by Jim Dewire & Sons
Exterior Lift Project

Exterior Ramps

A simply designed ramp added to this homeowner's property provides access for the occupant to come and go freely. Ramps can be utilitarian like this one or be elaborate and intricate. Your needs and budget are the focus of designing a ramp option.

In-Law Addition

Jim Dewire and Sons built an entire in-law, handicap accessible addition for this homeowner to provide private and accessible space for aging parents with special needs. The project included an accessible outdoor deck equipped with lift.

Exterior Lift Project

This specially designed and built exterior lift allowed the homeowner access to his entire property from the outside. With this addition he was free to visit his yard and gardens and have access to transportation.

Helpful Tips to Consider

Light switch

• Lowering light switches
• Raising the height of outlets to 18”


• Widening doorways for easier access

Door Handles

• Low threshold door and lever handle

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