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Jim Dewire Work Truck

About Our Past

Jim Dewire and Sons had the kind of humble beginning you might expect from a company that has maintained its high standards for 50 years. Jim Dewire Senior honed his craft as a railroad carpenter and later continued to refine his skills working for a Bethlehem contractor. In 1965, he founded Jim Dewire General Contracting with the help of his son of the same name, and the company soon developed a reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service. In 1987, the name was changed to Jim Dewire and Sons to better reflect the participation of Jim’s sons, Jim and Jeff, in the family business. A passion for craftsmanship and the drive to satisfy customers have been central to Jim Dewire and Sons from the start. Jim and Jeff now carry on this tradition of service as owners of Jim Dewire and Sons.

Jim Dewire Shop
The first shop location was adequate for the storage of materials and tools. Our current location provides over 4,000 square feet of space in which we house our state of the art equipment and vehicles.

The "Little Man" in Our Banner is More Than Just a Graphic

The “little man,” as he is affectionately called, is a trademark of Jim Dewire and Sons. Over our 50 years of business he has become the symbol of the conscientiousness and quality embraced by our father and instilled in us as we learned the trade. He is your assurance that our family name and reputation stand behind our work. His presence is a reminder of our commitment to provide the same excellence, integrity and outstanding customer service that has propelled the success of our company.

Jim, Jeff & Eric Dewire

Jim Dewire & Sons Little Man
Jim & Jeff Dewire In Front Of Company Van
Jeff (left), Jim on the right and Eric provide the leadership and oversight on every project to ensure that every detail is handled efficiently.
Jim Dewire & Team on Roof
The work crew may change a bit from time to time but the quality of work remains the same as it did when Jim Dewire Senior (center) made his vision a reality. Every project has the same oversight by sons Jim, Jeff and grandson Eric, keeping in mind his vision and the quality end result he insisted upon.
Eric & Jim Dewire Near Truck
Eric Dewire (Jim's son) is the third generation of Dewire sons working in the family business. Eric was 14 years old when he started working on projects with Jim.